This directory has been created through the combined efforts of many stakeholders within the military community. It is a directory for people who want to engage with businesses that are born out of the military community: created by individuals who are service leavers, veterans, reservists, military spouses, cadets or family members/dependents.

X-Forces (XF) CIC has been working with Government Departments, Military Charities and Big Business since 2013 to provide services to the military community that help individuals make informed choices about self-employment or business ownership. Many of the organisations that have been created through this interaction can now be found on this directory. There are though many businesses which are owned by military veterans or their dependants and were established way before 2013. These businesses are also especially welcomed on this directory. The ambition is that this directory becomes the most definitive, extensive and secure source on military community owned businesses in the UK. Welcome to those who are the Military-In-Business. Welcome to those who want to meet them.

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